Premium vs Basic Smurf Accounts for LoL

This question has been most frequently asked by our customers lately. So I have decided to make a post about the difference so that if you are a potential customer of ours, you will have a clearer understanding of your choices.

Premium smurf accounts are hand leveled in game modes by real players. Each premium League of Legends account is registered using a unique residential I.P. address. Along with this, the accounts come with 30 champions and the email is not verified. The amount of RP and IP varies on each account so it will be random. The runes are also random.

Basic accounts are leveled in non-PVP modes. To allow us to make them more affordable, basic accounts do not use a unique residential I.P. per account when registered. However, proxies are used which are a lot more cost-efficient than residential I.P. addresses. With a basic account, you are only given the account’s username and password. The email registered to the basic lol account is unverified for you to change without the requirement of any email access.

Please be aware of the risk involved when purchasing a LoL smurf account. Because the accounts are not leveled by you and Riot does not allow users to share the account, the potential risk is the suspension of the account. However, it is perfectly legal by law for you to share an account.

Another question that has been asked is, “Will purchasing a smurf account affect my main account?” The answer to this question is no, your main account would not be affected by using a smurf account.

Premium NA Lvl 30 LoL Accounts have just returned which are in stock now. Thank you for your support!