Purchasing Process for Level 30 Unranked LoL Accounts:

1) Purchase using PayPal by Pay Per Division or Pay Per Win on our Buy Level 30 Unranked LoL Account page.
2) Click the “return to 808Boosting” from PayPal after it is completed.
3) Fill out the form and wait until your order is processed (Maximum 12 hours).

Purchasing Process for Elo Boosting:

1) Purchase using PayPal by Pay Per Division or Pay Per Win on our Buy LoL Elo Boost page.
2) Click the links to redirect back here from paypal.
3) If you would like to pay using a different method, please contact us.

Pay Per Division:

Required 15+ LP gains per win.
In the unlikely event we fail a promotion, we will continue until it is completed at no additional charge.
After ordering, if less than 15 LP is gained per win, the order will be changed to Pay Per Win.

Not Fulfilling minimum 15 LP gain Requirement:

If a Pay Per Division order is placed and LP gains are below 15, we will re-scale the order to Pay Per Win. This will be based on the amount paid  and the current tier and division.

Pay Per Win:

No required LP gained per win.
These are Net Win purchases.
Non-Promotional Series orders:

  • Total Net Wins = Total Wins – Total Losses
  • Does not include promotional series

Promotional Series orders:

  • Best of 3 = 3x Net Wins purchase
  • Best of 5 = 5x Net Wins purchase

Promotion Completion

Best of 5: 5 Pay Per Win purchase for respected division.
Best of 3: 3 Pay Per Win purchase for respected division.

Unranked Placement Games

Silver I 10x Net Wins pricing is used for 10x Unranked Placement games
Partially completed placements can purchase the remaining ones needed
We guarantee 7 out of 10 wins if no games have been played and lost
Note: If you had a previous season’s ranking, an additional fee may apply.


Once you’ve made your selection click on the Paypal button. Please contact us if using another method.

Prior To Purchase:
Please change the password on the account to one only you and us know.
Verify you are gaining 15+ LP per win if choosing Pay Per Division.
Contact us via Skype for further questions.

During Service:
We provide live customer support and progress reports via Skype.
We will never spend RP on your account without permission.
We may ask to spend IP on rare occasions upon permission.
You can check the progress on your account at Op.GG or LoLKing.net or Elophant.com.
You can check to see if a Booster is currently playing at LoLNexus.
We use a VPN/IP mask to provide additional safety and confidentiality of your boost.

It is recommended not to log-in during an elo boost because it increases your risk of suspensions.
Logging in during service may result in an order being re-prioritized under other active orders while the booster is available and increase time needed to finish.
If you log in and cause a Booster to lose a Ranked game, we will not continue until paid for the win(s) needed to make up for it.
If you log in and lose a Ranked game during service, we will not continue until paid for the win(s) needed to make up for it.