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Professional Elo Boosting service by Diamond 1 and Challenger players. We are Safe, Fast and Confidential with real-time feedback and updates. Duo Queue Boosting and Coaching is available with an appointment. Contact us Today to Increase your League of Legends Solo Queue Ranking!

Unranked Level 30 LoL Accounts

Smurf Accounts have 20,000 or more IP. We power-level League of Legends (LoL) accounts to Level 30. They are unranked with no ranked games played and no 5v5 wins. We guarantee a safe and pleasant delivery of any account. Buying a Level 30 LoL Account from us saves you well over 200 hours of time.

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Ban reversal success rates depend on several things. This includes the ban history of the account, the type of ban(s) received, and the amount of appeals already made We need this information to make a better estimate on your chance of a successful ban reversal of your LoL account.

No, you will be submitting the already-written letters yourself to customer service.

Yes, we now offer a Ban Reversal Service for League of Legends here at 808 Boosting.

We hire new boosters only as needed. All of our boosters are required to be Diamond 1 or higher and 18 years or older. If you feel you meet these criteria and you are interested, please visit our Booster Application page. Any other means of communication for booster applications will be automatically rejected.

Yes, duo queue boosting is priced at a per game rate. Please add us on Skype for additional details.

If your League of Legends account’s MMR is low (gaining less than 15 LP per win) you will be required to use our “Pay Per Win” option until the next division is achieved. If the MMR of your account is fixed after a division was achieved, you will be eligible to “Pay Per Division.”

If your LoL account’s MMR is really high, we recommend using our “Pay Per Win” option to save money in the case a division is skipped. A division is likely to be skipped when gaining 27 or more LP per win.

After an elo boost payment is received, we will assign one of our validated and tested, Diamond 1 or Challenger, booster to your account, and he or she will log-in to boost your account until the desired rating is achieved. Once the elo boost is finished, we recommend all customers to wait a minimum of 24 hours before logging back into his or her account to decrease the risk of Riot punishments for Terms of Service violations.

No. We are a premium service provider for League of Legends (LoL) and quality is our goal. Your League of Legends account is absolutely safe in our hands and we guarantee that your account will not be stolen. The safety of our customers’ accounts is our highest priority. We have completed over 2,000 elo boosting jobs and have over 300 feedback and vouches across various websites. You can feel confident in your purchase from us because your satisfaction keeps us in business!

We provide the safest elo boost in terms of security and avoiding bans by Riot. Any time another user logs into your account, there is always a small risk of receiving a ban or warning. Account sharing and MMR/Elo Boosting is against League of Legends’ terms of service. However, after over 2,000 completed orders, not a single account has been banned from our services at

We apply an amazing and professional speed when boosting your account. Our boosters aim for one division per day or more! The only obstacle is League of Legends (Riot) servers and the availability of Ranked Queues. We want your elo boost finished just as fast as you do.

In the past, we have allowed our customers to log-in between orders to offer a more convenient service. However, due to the fact that this continuous chain of log-ins increase the risk of a ban, we advise our customers to wait until the order is completed before logging in. In special circumstances we will allow you to log-in, but certain protocols must be followed in order to keep your account safe from warnings and bans.

In the case that a game is lost in a “Pay Per Win” elo boost order, the elo booster is required to win two games to count as one “net win.”

If a booster loses a promotion series he or she is required to re-do the promotion series until the order has been completed without any additional charges.