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challengericon808 Boosting is a premium League of Legends ELO Boosting service. Our ELO boosters are strictly Diamond 1 or Challenger in the Solo Queue ranking system of LoL. When ordering an ELO boost from 808 Boosting, you can rest easy knowing that quality and efficiency will be provided with our service. The rate at which an ELO boost is typically completed is about one division per day or more. We take ELO boost orders up to Challenger. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through any of the provided methods on our Contact page. There is also a Live-Chat available throughout the day when we are online located on the bottom right corner of our website, so feel free to message us there as well. Discounts are available for our loyal and returning customers. Kama`aina rates are available for customers from Hawaii. ELO boosting safety is one of our top priorities. After you order an elo boost, we will guide you through our protocols to follow which helps in preventing any punishments or detection of your order. We are a verified elo boosting service provider through many League of Legends “Black Markets” including EpicNPC, Sythe, ePVP, OwnedCore, and eBay. We upload some of our best completed elo boosts to our Portfolio Page.

If desired, you can purchase an Unranked LoL Account from us during your Elo Boosting order. On your new account, you can either watch the booster play some games with the spectate function, or simply start ranking up a new smurf account.

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Pay Per Division

Choose your current & desired ELO for pricing.


Pay Per Win

*Purchasing Net Wins*

Calculating Net Wins:
Net wins = Wins – Losses

Promotion Completion

Best of 5 = 5x Wins
Division I to Division V of a new League

Best of 3 = 3x Wins
Division V, IV, III, II to Division within the same League

Unranked Placement Games

Silver I 10x Wins pricing is used for 10x Unranked Placement games

Partially completed placements can purchase the remaining ones needed

We guarantee at least 70% win rate if no games have been played & lost


Number of wins to purchase