LoL Elo Boosting

Professional Elo Boosting service by Diamond 1 and Challenger players. We are Safe, Fast and Confidential with real-time feedback and updates. Duo Queue Boosting and Coaching is available with an appointment. Contact us Today to Increase your League of Legends Solo Queue Ranking!

Unranked Level 30 LoL Accounts

Smurf Accounts have 20,000 or more IP. We power-level League of Legends (LoL) accounts to Level 30. They are unranked with no ranked games played and no 5v5 wins. We guarantee a safe and pleasant delivery of any account. Buying a Level 30 LoL Account from us saves you well over 200 hours of time.



New prices and more unranked accounts

Aloha 808 Boosting family! We are excited to announce that our boosting prices have been reduced! We also have more accounts in stock on NA while we are working to produce or obtain EUW, Garena, and OCE accounts. Thank you for your support, patience and cooperation. We hope to continue serving our League of Legends community with the services we provide.

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The Difference Between Premium and Basic LoL Smurf Accounts?

Premium vs Basic Smurf Accounts for LoL This question has been most frequently asked by our customers lately. So I have decided to make a post about the difference so that if you are a potential customer of ours, you will have a clearer understanding of your choices. Premium smurf accounts are hand leveled in game modes by real players. Each premium League of Legends [...]

EUW LoL Account

EUW League of Legends Account Here at we sell unranked EUW League of Legends accounts that are brand new. This means that they have not been previously owned and they have unverified email addresses attached to them. Prices start at just $15 (prices may be subject to change) for the most basic EUW account, but we also offer Premium versions for more safety and [...]

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League of Legends Season 5 (2015) Underway

Before we kick off for League of Legends Season 5 (2015) our team here at would like to thank each and every one of our amazing and loyal customers, friends and students. We have been continuously thriving in the LoL account and elo boosting market now for over two years and we have definitely become a top contender thanks to all of you who [...]

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Bork Hack No Cooldown

As you may know, there is a recent hack or exploit in League of Legends that can instantly kill a champion. A frequent question is, "How to use bork hack?" Firstly, this exploit, as far as we know, is scripted in L#, more commonly known as League Sharp. It uses an exploit to avoid having cooldowns and allows the user to easily obtain pentakills even [...]

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Garena LoL Accounts & LAN

We have expanded our Level 30 Unranked Accounts to Garena and Latin America North for League of Legends. As far as we know, we're the only levelers for Garena Unranked Level 30 League of Legends accounts. This process took a while, but is finally available. At this time, we are providing accounts for Garena's Singapore server. The client should allow you to switch between servers [...]

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