Is your League of Legends account banned?

If your League of Legends account received a ban for any reason, we offer a service to reverse this ban with a 75%+ success rate through professionally-written letter(s). A single letter will be written and delivered within 24 hours of payment. We can handle any type of ban with the exceptions of charge-back bans, fraud and fake credit card bans. This service applies to all League of Legends servers and regions. If you are interested in this service please read below.

Popular ban reasons for League of Legends include the use of bots or third-party software, hacks and/or abusing exploits, M.M.R. or ELO boosting, account sharing and harassment and/or verbal abuse to other players.

How do we reverse your ban?

We have an expert in the field of customer service relations who has been providing this service with astonishing results for almost 3 years. He has successfully reversed over 1,000 bans on many different MMO games. His knowledge and techniques are very unique and definitely worth-while for any League of Legends account. If you were banned for any reason and would like our services please feel free to contact us.

1 Professional Ban Reversal Single Letter – $30 USD

This ban reversal option offers one personalized and custom-written letter to the customer service of League of Legends with a professional attempt to reverse the ban on a single subject account. You will receive the completed letter and submit it directly to the customer service. This can be upgraded to our “Lifetime Ban Reversal Service in the case one letter is not sufficient (Some ban reversals require multiple letters). An additional purchase of this option will upgrade your service to Lifetime (unlimited written letters for a single League of Legends account).

1 Lifetime Ban Reversal Service (Upgrade) – $30 USD (Secondary Purchase)

This ban reversal upgrade is available after purchasing a Single Letter and offers a lifetime support of personalized letters to the customer service of League of Legends. With this service, you receive unlimited ban reversal letters for a single League of Legends account until it is no longer banned or you decide you no longer wish to continue. If the subject account’s ban has been lifted and banned again for any reason, the Lifetime Ban Reversal Service is still valid. This purchase is limited to one League of Legends account.

Guarantees and Refunds

Unfortunately there are no guarantees with this type of service. We will give our best effort and use our expert knowledge to “win” your case. With a Lifetime Ban Reversal Service purchase, we will continue to write letters until the account is no longer banned or you decide you do not want to continue. Ordering our Ban Reversal Service will maximize the chances to reverse the ban on the subject account through our knowledge and trade secrets in the method. No refunds will be given once letters have been started. Please be certain when placing a request for a Ban Reversal letter.

Instructions to Order a Ban Reversal

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  2. Select the desired service option
  3. Prompt payment by clicking the PayPal button
  4. Log-in to PayPal and complete your payment
  5. Wait for us to contact you with the information you provided

Ban Reversal

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